At Decoy all our beans are roasted in small batches, ensuring each roast comes out at the peak of perfection and highlights the coffee’s unique characteristics.

coffeeStored for freshness

We want you to enjoy our coffee when it’s at its finest. To ensure the perfect cup of coffee we store our coffee in airtight, recyclable/reusable gas valve bags, which help the coffee, retain its freshness and guard from the effects of temperature, light, and air.

Single origin…

Decoy prefers to focus on the characteristics of single origin beans in order to showcase the efforts of the farmers that work the fields. A coffee is characterized as single origin when it comes from one country and one plantation or growing region within that country.

… and blends

Occasionally we find several beans that simply aren’t as happy alone as they are blended. We bring these beans together in blends so that flavours of one can draw out or frame flavours of another.

Roasting style – ‘find the sweet spot’

Our roasts range from a Light to a Medium Roast. Our expert roasters profile each coffee and roast it to the individual bean’s ‘sweet spot’.

Take some beans home with you!

We have 250 gram packs of our house-roasted beans available for purchase.  Pop into the cafe at 303 Exhibition Street to pick up your pack.

If you’d rather phone or email, please see our contact page for details.